Just thought it looked cool……:-))!

***DISCLAIMER*** The opinions, thoughts, statements and feelings that I post on these blogs are mine (Lance Greene) and mine only. In no way, shape or form do they reflect the opinions or feelings of Bat’s Taxi & Town Car Service of St. Pete Beach, FL.

Just a fun little posting…….

OK, so I was sitting at the Tampa International Airport today in the Cell Phone waiting lot and in comes this limousine. I thought it looked cool.  The thing is once I had sent the picture to my wife and also a friend of mine after verrrrrry briefly browsing their website and not really seeing it all…..my wife emails me and tells me it is based on Medical Marijuana!  LOLOL……I don’t really know where I sit with all the medical marijuana stuff but I cannot deny I am sure it helps people. 

So, I have to say, if you are into that sorta thing the picture shows their website address. Check them out, I have to admit their website is extremely professional looking and probably very informative for many. They even have a food truck! lol….I have to admit….the grilled cheese sandwich sounds yummy!!  (lolol)

ENJOY!  :-))!




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